In 1980, Aiwa entered the walkman scene with the TP-S30, the world's first personal stereo recorder. Though the company's major shareholder was Sony, there was an understanding that healthy competition between the two brands would be profitable for both companies. This competition was certainly enjoyed by consumers in the '80s as we saw many beautiful and feature-packed models. We believe Aiwa distributed several releases worldwide but with model numbers which varied by market locale. Unfortunately, at least one gadget was never officially offered outside of Japan: the 1982 OnAir CassetteBoy, a personal cassette that worked with a small transmitter to push a signal to an FM radio headset--the first wireless walkman!

Aiwa Group 1
Aiwa TP-S30 w/ case, SC-A1 personal speakers, HS-P2, HS-J02, CS-J1

Aiwa Group 2
Aiwa HS-J400 MKII, HS-J08, HS-U07 w/ radio module, HS-P07, HS-F07

Aiwa Group 3
Aiwa HS-T200, HS-P09, HS-P9M, HS-J350, HS-J800, HS-T700

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'80s US & Japan Aiwa portable stereo catalogs

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