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Name: Viewsonic KP202
Cost: $30USD
Type: PS/2
Special Keys: Office Applications (word, excel, p. pont, calendar, lock), Windows (my computer, calculator, log off, sleep, power off), Internet Keys (back, forward, stop, www, email, favorites, refresh, search), Multimedia Keys (play/pause, stop, volume, mute, FF/REV), Mouse Scroll (up/down/left/right, back, forward, cut, paste, copy, mark, application launch, close), Tools (help, new, open, save, replace, bold, spell& check, bullets, reply, forward, send, task pane, print, undo, redo)& and a 104-key Windows keypad.
Extra features: None.
Notes: By far the most short cut keys of any keyboard we have seen to date. The Viewsonic comes in a black and silver colour scheme which matches ViewSonic's LCD flatpanels if you are into that level of coordination in your peripherals. For some reason, even though the integrated palm rest is really comfortable, I don't find the keys of the KP202 quite as comfortable to use. The return is good, but the down stroke on the space bar is paltry and that just takes away from the feel of the rest of the keys. The chrome plated special keys are eye catching but I suspect the silver will ware off quickly.

The integrated CD-player controls are really well done, but since the back of the keyboard is hollowed out, the unit is not that great for grabbing hold of, or using on the lap. Because of this, the left hand side cursor control seems more superfluous as we were only confident using a mouse with it. Typing comfort is pretty nice, but build quality feels a bit light.

Overall: Pretty Good.

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