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HTML or HyperText Markup Language is a world wide programming language that allows a user to create his or her own web site. While HTML is a fairly easy to learn programming language it does involve several hundred commands to learn and memorize.

With HTML the user creates tags, tags are anything between the less than and the greater than signs. Using the tags this identify where the commands begin and end. For example <b>Bold Text</b> tells the browser that <b> is the beginning of the bold text statement that will turn anything after that tag bold once the browser hits </b> the browser then turns the bold text statement off, allowing for only specific text to be bold

On this page we have created a list of HTML commands which can be used in web pages to change text add different features and several other different effects.


The following is a listing of some of the HTML command recommended to be reviewed if not already known.

A HREF - Creating a link to other pages.

BODY - Setting the looks of the web page.

BR -  Creating a line break

IMG SRC - Creating an image.

META - Creating meta tags.

TITLE - Creating a title for a web page.

All additional HTML command can be found on our HTML commands section.

Where to Start


Getting started
Writing basic HTML
Viewing the web page
Displaying images
Understanding directories
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Posting the web site
Setting up a Domain
Web Hosting
Promoting your web page.
HTML help


HTML or HyperText Markup Language is the building block of creating a web site. Writing HTML is similar to creating a very basic computer program where the user inputs basic codes into a file which in turn is downloaded and then ran by other users. 

Before writing HTML you must decide which HTML program you wish to use in order to write the your web page. You can find a basic listing of HTML editors on our HTML editors section of our web site. In addition you can also create a web site using a basic text editor such as notepad, wordpad and now even Microsoft Word.

Once you have obtained an HTML editor you are now ready to begin setting up your web site. Before designing your web site you will want to consider the structure of how your web site is going to be stored. For example you may want to create a folder named "webpage" within this folder is where you will save your HTML files, then within this folder you may want to consider creating an images folder which will hold your image files.

Second you will want to decide if you want your web pages to be .html files or .htm files. These are the extensions of your web site. As you can see in the address bar in your browser Computer Hope has gone with .htm files. There is no advantage or disadvantage of saving your files as .htm or .html. Once you have decided which extension you plan to use do not use the other as you will become confused very fast.


Once you have an HTML editor and your web page folder structure has also been setup you are ready to begin creating your page. Begin by creating a file named index.htm or index.html this will be your start page. All servers will first look for a index file when the domain is typed in, for example when typing the server is in reality accessing

Once you are in the blank index.htm or index.html file we recommend creating the following source code into your page. Keep in mind some HTML editors may automatically place this code in your page for you. If this is the case or you have a WYSIWYG HTML editor which allows you to simply design the page and not create the HTML you can skip to the next section.

<title>My first web page</title>
Your page goes here

The above section is the main body of your web page. As you can see the section starts of with <html> which is defining that everything within <html> is HTML language. Next you have <head> which is defining the heading of your HTML document. Third we have the <title> section within this section you will be able to Title your web site. Finally you have the <body> section which is where your complete web site will be contained.

The following is a simple basic page to get you familiarized with some of the most commonly used HTML commands, all of the following HTML information would be contained within the <body> section.

<center><h1>Welcome to my web page<h1></center>
Hello and welcome to my first web site. 
These are my favorite links:

<a href="">Computer Hope</a>

In the above paragraph you will begin to realize that the basic HTML commands are fairly simple to use. First we start off with <center> this is telling the browser to center the information within these tags. Next you have the <h1> statements, these are the heading statements which tell the browser to display the text in a large font. Next is the <hr> tag which tells the browser to display a line straight divide line across the screen. The third line contains <br> which is a simple method of creating a break on the page. Finally the a href tag is a method of creating a link to another web site.

Additional HTML commands and HTML information can be found on our main HTML / Web design help page.


Now that you have created a basic web site you may want to verify how the web site looks. Being that you have files locally stored on your computer you will not need to connect to the internet to view your web page.

Open the computer browser and type the location of your web page. For example if you have placed the index.htm or index.html file within the webpage folder you would simply type in the browser c:\webpage\index.htm or c:\webpage\index.html if you are using a PC computer. If you have Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 or you are using a Apple computer you can also double click on the created file to open the file in a browser automatically for you. 


Now that you have created a basic web site you can improve the looks and feel of the web site by adding images to the web page. There are two methods of displaying images on your web page. The first method is linking to another web site to display the images by using the following code:

<img src="">

Using the above HTML tag you can display images off of other web sites. We however recommend that you do not do this as it can cause your web page to load slower as well as possibly cause bad images in the future. The alternate recommended method would be to use the following source:

<img src="mypic.gif">

or if you have an images folder:

<img src="images/mypic.gif">

If the mypic.gif exists the picture will be displayed on your web site. Adding pictures is an excellent way to spruce up the web site. However do not get to carried away, adding several images (especially animated images) can look tacky and slow down the time the web page loads. Remember the average time someone looks at a web site is 10 seconds. 

Finally never place large images on your home page. Large images will slow down the web page dramatically and may cause the visitor to your web page to leave. If you would like a large picture on your web site it is recommended that you create a small image called a Thumb Nail. Seeing the Thumb Nail if the user is interested you can create a link to the larger image.


When creating other directories (folders) on the computer that contain other images or HTML files it is important that you understand the directory structure of how the server will access other folders.

When accessing files in other directories that are ahead of the current directory the user will want to first specify the directory and then the file name. For example if you are trying to access a image file within the image folder you would want to create the link as:


Notice in the above line that the directory is first specified and then the file.

Next if you wanted to access a file that was in a previous directory you would want to use the following example:


In this example notice the two dots (..) these tell the browser that you want to go back one directory next we specified the image directory which then tells the browser to go back one directory go into the image folder to access the mypic.gif. This rule can be applied to as many directories as possible such as ../../../image/mypic.gif.

A common mistake with PC (Windows) users is that the HTML editor may specify the file to be located in the computer hard disk drive such as c:\mywebpage\image\mypic.gif. This will work work fine on the computer hard disk drive (locally) however when posted on the Internet no one but the person with the file locally will be able to display the file.

Finally remember when specifying the directory that you are using a forward slash (/) and not a back slash.


It is important to remember that many of the Internet Servers are utilizing Unix or a Unix variant. With Unix file names are case sensitive. This means if you link to a file such as Mypage.htm and the file on the server is mypage.htm the server will be unable to find it because of the capital M. We always recommend that a user create his or her files and links in all lowercase. 


By far one of the more complicated steps of setting up a web site. In order for the web page to be viewable by other users the user must post his or her web site on a server where it can be viewed by individuals all over the World.

Because of the wide diversity of posting a web site we will explain one of the most commonly used methods of posting your web site.

Most Internet Service Providers and Web hosting companies provide FTP (File Transfer Protocol) access that allows the users to simply copy files from your computer to the server. PC users have two possibilities one is to use the FTP program included with Windows and the other is to download a FTP program such as CUTEFTP off of the Internet. Using one of these tools the should be able to send his or her files providing the server allows FTP access.

Windows FTP

To use Windows FTP the user must open a DOS window by clicking Start / Run and typing command. At the prompt switch to the directory that contains your web site for example if your web site is at c:\webpage at the C:\> type cd webpage. Once at the appropriate directory type FTP which should take you to FTP> finally at this prompt type open and then the name of the server or IP address. For example:


This should then prompt you for a username and password, enter both appropriately and then see the second to last paragraph.

CUTEFTP or other FTP client

Thousands of FTP clients are available through the web. One of the more popular FTP programs is CUTEFTP. Using these Windows / MAC amplifications the user needs to simply specify the ISP or Web hosting server and login information.

Finally once you are connected to the server you will need to locate the folder which will contain your web page. Generally speaking this folder is public_html. If you are using Windows FTP simply type cd public_html or type dir to see what the folder is named. Or open the folder through CUTEFTP or the FTP client program your are opening. Once in this folder you can send your HTML files to the server to access them over the Internet. Windows FTP users to send your files, for example type send index.htm.

We understand this can be a complicated process however generally your Internet Service Provider or Web Hosting company will have instruction for posting your web site and sometimes may even have a web based client which allows the users to simply transfer there files using a web site and not having to follow the above tedious commands. If following the above recommendations you are unable to post your web site we recommend that you review through your Internet Service providers or Web Hosting company documentation. 


A domain is a very important part of having a web site that you intend to generate revenue from or you would like easily accessed. A domain allows a user and potential customer to easily remember a name for a web site, for example is much easier to remember then

Before setting up a domain you must ensure that the name you intend to use for your domain is available. To verify that the name you wish to register is available you must check with a registration company such as Network Solutions. Network solutions like other domain registration companies allow an individual to easily type a name ending with .COM, .NET or .ORG and search to verify if that name is available before registering.

When you have successfully found a name that is available for your web site do not quickly register the name before thinking about it. It is important that you have exhausted all other possible ideas as well as verify that other companies may not have a similar name to your domain, checking to verify this beforehand will save you a lot of frustration and lost customers in the future. 

Once you are ready to register your domain check either with your Internet Service Provider or Web Hosting company to see if they will setup the domain for you, linking the domain to their server. Doing this first will also save you time in the long run.

After either you or the Internet Service Provider or Web Hosting company have setup the domain be prepared to wait generally up to about a week for everything to be setup and completed. 


Web Hosting allows for users to have another company store and maintain your web site for you or your company. A Web Hosting company may or may not be needed depending upon what is available through your Internet Service Provider. Check with your Internet Service provider to see if they offer a comparable solution to other Web Hosting companies. When setting up with a web hosting company we recommend that you verify the following information with them before setting the page up.

Domain Registration - Verify that the company allows your company to have a domain such as and see if they can set it up for you.
E-Mail forwarding - See if the company offers e-mail forwarding where you will be able to forward e-mail from to another e-mail address such as your personal e-mail address.
Support - Verify the hours of operation for phone support as well as if the number is a toll free number. 
Changing companies - Verify their policy and how easy it will be for changing to another company if the time comes.
Site Statistics - While not a necessity it is a nice feature, see if the company offers site statistics for your web page allowing you to monitor how well your web site is doing.
Business Account - See if the company will charge you additional fee's if you begin to sell something off of your web site.
Bandwidth Limitations - Verify that the company does not have a strict Bandwidth limitation which may limit the amount of traffic you are capable of receiving. It is important to realize that all companies will have a limit but verify it is something that is not expected to be broken easily.
Front Page Extensions - If you are using Front Page verify that you will be able to have Front Page Extensions.
CGI / Perl Scripts - While you may not immediately setup a CGI / Perl script it is important for future use that you verify the server supports this. This allows you in the future to setup counters, message boards, guest books and other various features in the future.



Major search engines
Free 4 all's
Other locations
Award Pages
Making money with your web page
banner exchange
HTML help


Unfortunately the Internet is not like the movie Field of Dreams "If you build it they will come." When building a web page unless you put that page on Search Engines, free 4 all's, other pages or advertise no one will know that your page exists. The Internet currently consists of TRILLIONS of different web pages and more appearing every day unless you take action in promoting your page you can consider your time and effort a waste.

On this page we will help you get your page to appear higher on search engines, get awards, list different places to post your web page tell you secrets that we have found during the time we have building Computer Hope that is increasingly getting hit with about 1,000 hits every five minutes and over 200,000 hits daily and Millions of hits ever month. 

In addition Computer Hope like hates quick rich schemes and having to pay for information which otherwise should be free therefore all of our secrets and valuable information is free like all the information on Computer Hope. If you have any secrets of your own that you would like to share, do not hesitate to let us know any suggestion is a good suggestion. 

Finally, because we are providing all of this information for free and it is updated frequently we do ask that you do not copy it, which is against our legal agreement and instead please simply place a link on your page to this page if you find it helpful.


Content - We believe that content is one of the biggest factors of web page and if you have all the content possible about one topic more people will come to your page to look for information then going to another web site. You must give the viewer a reason to want to come back or to book mark your site as the spot to get the information. For example Computer Hope has thousands of pages of free Computer Hope, an excellent reason for visitors to want to visit our page for computer support.

Meta Tag's - Meta tag's are hidden in the background of most web pages that allow web pages to be placed in more appropriate places on the search engine. Below is some examples of how to use Meta Tags in your HTML Code.

<meta name="description" content="Helping you get your web page more hits by telling web secrets, listing tons of different locations to add your web page, search engines, award sites, banner exchanges, and more.">

<meta name="keywords" content="promotion secrets, promotion, add link, free for all, banner exchange, search engines, promote secrets, promote, Promote, PROMOTE">

Add the above codes into the heading of your web page however changing the source code to what your page deals with. The description will be listed as the description of what your site is about on a search engine and the keywords are used to describe the type of content the page is relating to.

General Rules of Meta Tag's

  • All search engines will only pull the first four lines of the description and the keywords. Do not post more then four lines of information as it will not be viewed by the search engine and could cause the search engine to deny your page.
  • Post the description and keywords of information that is really on your site. There is nothing worse to do then putting in keywords or a description of things that are not on your site such as commonly search words. Doing this may cause your site to be removed from a Search Engine or cause the viewer to not look at what you have to offer because you are not giving them information which they may be really looking for.  

Titles - A lot of search engines go off the title of your web page, so it is sometimes a good idea to put a little more into the title of your page such as keywords, however do not get carried away because most search engines will not post the whole title if it is more then 15 to 20 words. In addition to this secret we highly recommend that you do not just post keywords as the title will be displayed as the link on the search engine. If the link does not make sense the user will not click on it however it does not hurt to have something similar to this page. The title is "Secrets of promoting your web page" this title is not only descriptive but in addition has keywords such as secrets and especially promoting.

E-mail - If you allow your visitors to e-mail you try to reply ASAP, unfortunately this is hard in some cases. For example in our case we get about 100-200 messages a day which can get built up and sometimes which makes it extremely hard to reply to all mail. When replying or sending out any mail always have a signature which gives your web page name, address and e-mail this will usually create visits from people that you send the mail to. Or it will remind people who have already visited your site to visit again.

Free - A lot of the people browsing the internet are looking for free information such as when going to the library you do not expect to pay to look at a book, this fact holds true on the internet as well. If you post a link and mention the word free this makes the viewer more likely to click on your page. For example: Click here for FREE Computer Technical Support. However DO NOT say free unless you really have free information and or a product that is really free. There is nothing worse then to lie to your potential viewer / customer about information or a product you may have to offer that really  is not free.

Think before posting on a search engine - Before adding your link to any search engine put yourself in the viewers shoes what would you search for to get to get the topic your looking for. When putting in a description or title if it sounds ok try to make it plural instead of singular for example for computer you could put computers this means if the user search's for "computer" or "computers" they are still going to find your page. Don't put common words in when submitting to a large search engine such as Altavista try to be original. If your topic deals with a commonly misspelled word put the misspelled words in your keywords this allows viewers that may not be the best spellers to still find your page and will also put you ahead of everyone else because you have the misspelling.

Bad Links - Bad links are a growing issue and causes of lost visitors or irate customers. When at all possible never change any of your links even if you plan on redesigning a web page. It is likely that those pages are indexed into search engines and linked to from other pages on the Internet. Removing your pages is only causing you to start over on getting new traffic to your site while loosing all your original traffic, bookmarks and index's on search engines to that page.

Adding keywords into your URL - You can add keywords into your URL by adding subdirectories for example we have an CD-ROM help section on Computer Hope the URL is as seen this URL has two keywords help and cdrom.

Analyze your web page on search engines - Generally you can see how many pages are listed on a search engine or to see if you are even listed on the search engine by putting in the following source code into the search string:


In the above example this will pull up URL's in the search engine pointing to Computer Hope (note this feature cannot be done on all search engines but most allow it.

To see where your site ranks among all of the internet sites submit it to listing only the hottest sites on the Internet. It is important to note that all rankings are based off of traffic collected by 100hot. You will likely compete against the best of the best and can be hard to be listed unless your site receives a large amount of traffic.

Also on Altavista see who is linked to your page by adding the following:


Find out where you your site ranks among the top internet sites as far as individuals linking to you see

Updated - Update your page frequently if at all possible at least once a month. Unless a visitor is looking for old information they may stop visiting your site. In addition updating your site frequently will keep the page high in search engine rankings. 


Below are some of the major search engines on the Internet we rated the sites going from best places to not so great pages however all the below search engines are excellent, we have rated them lower because they are not the more commonly known search engines. Also if the search engine has a link "Direct add page" you can click on this link to get directly to the add link this allows you to add come back continue down the list very fast.

Yahoo - Yahoo is one of the most visited search engines on the Internet and is a valuable place on the Internet to place your web site. To add to Yahoo you will need to go through the index and when you find the page that has the category of your page choose the option Suggest a Site at the bottom of the page. Keep in mind Yahoo is the HARDEST places to get on the Internet because everyone wants to get on so you may run into a lot of time submitting and not getting any links submitted. Generally speaking Yahoo can take up to 3-4 months to get onto their page. 

Altavista | Direct add page - Altavista is another frequently used service and one of the best search engines on the Internet.  Also when posting your site you will be able to get your link on their page a lot faster than what you will on Yahoo. In addition Altavista is chained into Yahoo so when a Internet viewer is using Yahoo they may get your link from Altavista pointing to your page.

HotBot | Direct add page - HotBot from the makers of Wired Magazine allows for more exact searches allowing the viewers to search for the topic and what the topic evolves as will as including or excluding different topics and is a valuable source in getting hits on your web page.

Excite | Direct add page - Excite gives you access to more then 50 million pages, 140,000 pre-selected Web site listings, and thousands of Usenet postings and is a valuable source of visits to your page.

Lycos | Direct add page - Lycos is another big search engine on the Internet that is a excellent place to post your URL.

Magellan | Direct add page - Magellan's Internet service is now done through Excite so when you add your URL to Magellan it will automatically be updated to Excites site as well.

Northern Lights | Direct add page - Northern Lights is another big search engine that has the capability of using other search engines as well as its own.

Look Smart - Look Smart is a search engine is similar database to Yahoo with over 18,000 different subjects to explore, like yahoo you have to browse there search engine wand when finding an appropriate location you can submit your page using the link at the bottom of the page

Rex | Direct add page - Rex is search engine that has been on the Internet for over 2 years and grown extremely fast, and now is incorporating their new 3-dimensional, diminishing value, context sensitive navigational array technology for your navigating pleasure.


Free 4 all's are pages that allow most pages to be submitted to there page but just putting in link and description, there millions of these throughout the web however we just posted ones that we feel will get you the most hits. The only disadvantage of Free 4 All's is the fact that some times a site that may not be proper for all ages is added, and can be viewed very easily.

Link-Me Reciprocal Links & banners - Listing hundred more of free 4 all pages.


The following are other great places to post your web page to get more visitors that however do not apply to any of the other sections.

LinkBooster - Another great site has a total of 50 locations for links doing the same as Webaholics when new page is added eliminates #50 and continues to move down all day.


Award pages allow you first to get a free link to your web page it also lets you know how your doing on your web page. Also if you do receive an award on certain award pages your link may be placed as the award of the day which usually means that every visitor to that page will visit your page wanting to see what has won the award. Below we have listed different pages to submit your page to for an award we have listed the pages in order that we feel would allow you to get more visitors. You can also see what awards we have one by visiting our award page.

Cool Site of the Day - Listing the cool site of the day as well as a Cool-O-Meter to allow you to see just how cool the web site is.
Project Cool - Pointing out the cool sites of the Internet new site every day of every month.
Cool Site of the Night - Listing a new cool site every night of every month.
Cow Pie Awards - Updated sites updated weekly sometimes daily as well as linking to worthy considerations and past winners.


  • Click Trade: Service that uses a special service that uses a special trial program that will show you how much you are making by hits or sells.


Link Exchange - Helping over 200,000 people get more hits to their pages.
Smart Click - Same idea as Banner Swap and automatically targets your banner for better results.


1: How do I add midi music to my web page. - Using Internet Explorer this can be done quite simply with the following tag: <bgsound src="music.mid" loop="1"> this tag will play the music.mid once if you wanted this song to continue without stopping you would use loop="infinite" instead of the loop="1" which will only play it once. If you prefer both Netscape and Internet Explorer you can use the embed tag to implement music to your page so you could put the following on your page such as <embed src="canyon.mid" Autostart=TRUE Width=145 Height=60 Loop=true> which would do the below.

2: How do I make a picture as a background on my web pages? - In order to do this you would need to use the tag: <body background="picture.gif">, this tag should work both with Netscape and Internet Explorer. Using the above code will tile the image in the background. In addition adding the BGPROPERTIES tag as fixed will make the background permanent and will not scroll with the text. For example: <BODY BACKGROUND="picture.gif" BGPROPERTIES="FIXED">

3: How do I make it so that someone can mail me by just clicking on text? - To do this you would need to use the following tag: <A HREF="">Click here to mail ComputerHope</A> Which would create Click here to mail ComputerHope

4:How do I add scrolling text to my page? - This can be done very easy through Internet Explorer by using the following tag:
<marquee>THIS WOULD SCROLL</marquee> You can see more examples on our main HTML page that lists most of the HTML commands.


5: How do I do multiple colors of text? - To do the multicolor text you will need to use the following tag <font color="blue">blue</font>, this will make the text blue you can do all the major Colors, click here for a list of all valid colors.

6: How do I make a picture a link? - To do this you are going to need to use the code to make a link which would be the following tag: <A HREF="></A> Instead of putting the text to describe the link you would put the picture tag which would be <IMG SRC="title.gif"> so the whole code would be <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="title.gif"></A> so what you would get is the following:

7: How can I make my link not have this ugly border? To remove this border you must add the following into your tag border="0" so  the complete HTML tag would look like: <A HREF=""><IMG SRC="" border="0"></A>

8: How do I make it so that my web page is just one solid color in the background without putting any kind of a gif or JPEG? - You would use the following tag <BODY BGCOLOR="white">, this tag would make the background page white, however you could do blue, red, or any of these colors are valid

9: How do I align pictures so that one may be higher then the other or lower? - You would do this with the align statement with your picture so the tag would look like this on the FIRST picture <IMG SRC="" align=top> notice the picture of the Computer Hope logo is aligned top to the image of the chguy.

You can also do this with text so instead of having the picture home there you could have text at the top labeling the chip "MMX", also instead of align=top you can do align=middle, and align=bottom.

10: How do I make a link to another page? - For this you would need to use the tag <a href="">Visit ComputerHope</a> replace our address with the address that you would like to link. Where it says "Visit ComputerHope" replace this what you want to name the link.





Tables allows the user to create sections of web sites neatly divided such as the page you are viewing now we have one section (the blue section) to the right which allows you to navigate by using the side of the screen while still viewing the page. This also allows you to divide up into columns almost like a spreadsheet, allowing you to have columns & rows to organize your data better or to display a chart online (such as below).

324,497 January 1998 -
436,699 February 1998 112,172

The above chart was done with the following source code:

<table border="1">
<td><strong>HITS </strong></td>
<td><strong>TOTAL INCREASE</strong></td>
<td>January 1998 </td>
<td align="center">-</td>
<td>February 1998 </td>
<td align="center">112,172</td>

What does it all mean?

<table border ="1"> 'This statement is telling how wide you wish the border to be. "0" would be no border.
<tr> 'This is the statement to start the first row.
<td><strong>HITS</strong></td> 'The <td> is statement to start the first column and </td> is to end the first column, the strong statement is making the text bold. The same applies for the next two lines.
</tr> 'This statement is telling to end the first row.
The next three lines are similar to what was explained above.
<td align="center">-</td> This is similar to the 2nd line however the align="center" is the statement to tell it to center the text in the middle of the cell.
The next six lines are similar to what was explained above.
</table> This statement is to end the table without transforming the remainder of the document into the table.


Example 1
Example 2
Example 3
Example 4
Example 5


1 2 3
4 5 6
7 8 9

<table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0">
<td bgcolor="#FFFF00">1 </td>
<td bgcolor="#00FF00">2 </td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">3 </td>
<td bgcolor="#FF00FF">4 </td>
<td bgcolor="#FF0000">5 </td>
<td bgcolor="#0000FF">6 </td>
<td bgcolor="#008080">7 </td>
<td bgcolor="#FFFF00">8 </td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">9 </td>

<table border="0" cellpadding="6" cellspacing="0"> 'In this statement it is first telling the browser that it does not want a border by declaring border="0" also it is declaring that it wants the cells to have a little space by declaring cellpadding="6" this would make the cells bigger then they normally would be. Cellspacing = "0" is telling the browser to display any space between the cells if this was 1 you would see white in between the cells the bigger the number the more space there would be.
<td bgcolor="#FFFF00">1 </td> 'td is declaring a new cell as explained in basics the bgcolor="#FFFF00" is telling the browser what color to display the cell as in this case FFFF00 would be yellow you also could just write in yellow, more on colors view color page.


The above image is actually three different images put at 100% of the section of the screen designated to the following is the source code for the above.

<table border="0" width="100%">
<td><img src=""></td>
<td><p align="center"><img src=""></p>
<td align="right"><img src=""></td>

<table border="0" width="100%"> 'The most important part of the above is the first line with the statement width="100%" this is telling the browser that the table needs to be 100% of the open screen (please take into consideration on the above example it is 100% of the table currently in) this is good for the fact that even if someone displays your page in a bigger/smaller resolution or screen it will automatically adjust to the full amount of the viewers screen.


Welcome to Computer Hope one of the most advanced free web sites on the internet helping you with all your computer related issues. Helping you with such topics as HTML were we give examples, source code, enhancements, tips, and much more. Helping you with hardware questions with hundreds of technical pages of useful information with such hardware as printers, scanners, sound cards, modems, CD-ROM, zip drive, and much more. Helping you with software questions with such applications as DOS, Windows 95, Windows 3.x, UNIX, Plus Pack, Adobe Photoshop, and more. Helping you with games providing cheats for tons of games, complete walkthroughs providing step by step instructions on conquering your favorite game, game news, and a lot more. Over 600+ pages of free, frequently updated information at your fingertips and all thanks to Computer Hope.

This question is asked frequently were someone wants to post images and text right next to each other to have the appearance of a news paper the following source code shows how we did the above. We condensed our statement to make it look less intimidating.

<table border="0">
<td><img src="chguy.gif"></td>
<td valign="top">STATEMENT SHOWN ABOVE </td>

<td valign="top">STATEMENT SHOWN ABOVE </td> 'The most important line of the source code valign="top" tells the browser to align the starting of the text at the top of the image, this can also be middle, bottom, right, left, center.


Computer Hope

<table border="10">
<td><a href="">Computer Hope</a></td>

<table border="10"> 'This button effect is very simple by just making border="10" this makes the border 10 width giving it the appearance of a button, which you could like to another page just as we did above.


Computer Hope Main page linking to all pages 3912 Feb 98
Cool Tricks HTML cool tricks 2514 Feb 98

<table border="0">
<td bgcolor="#0000FF"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>WEB PAGE</strong></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#0000FF"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>DESCRIPTION</strong></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#0000FF"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>HITS</strong></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#0000FF"><font color="#FFFFFF"><strong>MONTH</strong></font></td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF"><a href="">ComputerHope</a></td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">Main page linking to all pages</td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF"><strong>3912</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">Feb 98</td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF"><a href="">Cool
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">HTML cool tricks</td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF"><strong>2514</strong></td>
<td bgcolor="#00FFFF">Feb 98</td>


The number one secret in HTML is when you are browsing the Internet and you see something that you like and you want to know how they made the page view the persons source code usually by going up to view then source. This allows you can to get the general idea on what the person is doing and implementing it on your page, without you having to remember it. However take into consideration that the owner of the page may copyright some code, do not simply cut and paste someones code without authorization from the company and or web master.

Your main page should in one way or another link to ALL sub pages. Or links to sub pages which then may link to sub pages.

When making your web page always create links and image names in lower case this way you don't have to worry about Unix not being able to open the page because of case sensitivity.

When designing your web page place everything in one directory pictures, sounds, html files, etc this way you don't have to worry about putting the particular directory just the name of the picture or the sound. However if you plan on making hundreds of different pages with sounds or images we would recommend that you put into sub categories. Think about the size of the page before utilizing this technique

To get your pages higher on search engines use some of your keyword's in your title a lot of search engines go off the title of your web page. See our Promote page for more secrets in advertising your web site. 

When creating links to your sub pages or images do not put your URL, this will help prevent a lot of work in the future if you have to change your URL. However can cause the page to be easier taken and placed on another server.

When creating your web page make your page with one topic and extend only upon that one topic. When people are looking up information on the web usually they are looking for one thing such as music, computers, etc. If you page has information about golf, dogs, books, and some about computers some people may become easily distracted or may find that your page must be about something else and leave.



Misc. cool tricks


Celsius into Fahrenheit
Time and date
Make people stay
Javascript bookmark
Letter by Letter scroll
Date count down
Make a new small window of another web page
button to refresh your page
Send viewer back to page they came from
Change background color depending on the time of day
Random color every 5 seconds
Random color that can be stopped
Flashing colors when opening page
Allow visitors to see history of visiting your page
Random quote
Message displayed by time of day
Message on status bar
Random images and links
Onmouse over
Creating a Password on your page


Mouse over prompt
User chooses background color
Your own prompt


This allows you to prompt the person when there mouse is over a particular link or picture, great for letting someone know what a picture is, if the image is small.


ONMOUSEOVER = "alert('Welcome to ComputerHope')")>
<IMG SRC="title.gif" BORDER="0" WIDTH="134" HEIGHT="64"></A></TD>
ONMOUSEOVER = "alert('Produced by Computer Hope')")>
Who is responsible?</A></TD></TR></TABLE></CENTER>

What it looks like:

Who is responsible?


Because we have an image as the background unfortunately we cannot demonstrate what this will look like on this page however click HERE to view demo.


<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='turquoise'">C</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='pink'">h</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='blue'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='red'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='yellow'">s</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='green'">e</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='white'">your</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='greem'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='seagreen'">w</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='magenta'">n</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='fusia'">b</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='purple'">a</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='navy'">c</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='royalblue'">k</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='Skyblue'">g</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='brown'">r</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='almond'">o</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='coral'">u</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='olivedrab'">n</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='teal'">d</a>
<a href="" onmouseover="document.bgColor='black'">color!</a></h2>

Another Choose your background

Because we have an image as the background unfortunately we cannot demonstrate what this will look like on this page however click HERE to view demo.

<form>Change the background color:
<select name="backGround" size="1" onChange=(document.bgColor=backGround.options[backGround.selectedIndex].value)>
<option value="000000">[Black]
<option value="730200">[Dark Red]
<option value="231800">[Brown]
<option value="044302">[Dark Green]
<option value="0D09A3">[Dark Blue]
<option value="444444">[Gray]
<option value="FF0400">[Red]
<option value="EFE800">[Yellow]
<option value="05EF00">[Green]
<option value="0206FF">[Blue]
<option value="AE08EF">[Violet]
<option value="FF8C8A">[Mauve]
<option value="FFCCCC">[Peach]
<option value="FFCC99">[Orange]
<option value="D5CCBB">[Tan]
<option value="DDDDDD">[Light Gray]
<option value="FBFF73">[Light Yellow]
<option value="7CFF7D">[Light Green]
<option value="A6BEFF">[Light Blue]
<option value="FFFFFF" selected>[White]


This allows the person viewing your page to prompt them self, we really could think of anything that this could be used for except for the person to talk to them self however kind of cool.


<INPUT TYPE="button" VALUE="Say it!"
onClick="alert(this.form.text.value)"> <INPUT TYPE="reset" NAME="cancel" VALUE="Clear Prompt">

What it looks like:


Current population
Current U.S. national debt


The current population is:


To put this on your page copy and cut the following:

The current population is:
<IMG ALIGN=middle SRC=""></CENTER>


The current national debt is:


To put this on your page copy and cut the following:

<CENTER>The current national debt is:



Web images
Html help


This page is designed to help everyone get more creative images for web pages or for their own personal use. We allow you to modify any image (not art) as long as you agree to the agreement. If you need a program that allows you to edit these images insure that you visit our Utility Download Page.


All the images posted throughout our image pages are created by Computer Hope. We are allowing you to post, modify or change these images, web images, etc. as long as you agree that you will give credit where due. All we request from you is that you allow visitor's to know of who helped you get these images by posting the following on your page:

Some Images on this page were help created by Computer Hope.

Simply Cut and past the following on your page:

<CENTER>Some Images on this page were help created by <A HREF=""> Computerhope</A></CENTER>

You may modify the above line as will explaining what images were help created or what image you used, as long as the link is left in.

Web Images

The following is a listing of the various images which can be used on your web site.



Banner Images

All banners that we have created will use the above dimension which is the standard of most banners. This page is designed for you to get a base box and allow you to put your own information in the box. Before using any of these banners and modifying them in any way please insure that you read the sort agreement form.


Our Banner


Banner 1


Banner 2


Banner 3


Banner 4


Banner 5


Banner 6


Banner 7


Banner 8


Banner 9


Banner 10

Button Images

Buttons allow you to graphically display your links allowing your web page look more appeasing to the viewers eye. Below we have created some buttons that you may incorporate into your own web page, or modify to your desire. Before posting / modifying / copying any of these images insure that you read the short agreement form.

Button 1

Button 2

Button 3

Button 4

Button 5

Button 6

Button 7

Button 8

Button 9

Button 10

Bullet Images

Bullets allow you to get your viewers of your web page to look at a particular sentence or to locate the next sentence or to allow you to sort different topics on your web page. Below are over 20 bullets that you can use on your own web pages for FREE however insure that you read the short agreement form before putting any of our images on your web page.

 dotgrey.gif (48 bytes)   dotblack.gif (38 bytes)  dotblue.gif (38 bytes)

SB1 SB2 SB3 SB4 SB5 SB6 SB7 SB8 SB9 SB10


Divider Images

Dividers allow you to graphically divide different sections of your web page. Below we have created a couple dividers that you can freely post on your web page or modify to your own likings. Before you post any of these dividers on your web pages insure that your read our short agreement form.

Line 1


Line 2


Line 3


Line 4

 Line 5

 Line 6

 Line 7

 Line 8

 Line 9

 Line 10


Text Images

Text allows you to spruce up you web page by putting nice looking titles headers, etc. We have typed the alphabet for each of these different characters that we have created you will simply need to get the whole picture then copy and paste to make your own words. Before you post any of this text on your web pages insure that your read our short agreement form.

Text 1

Text 1

Text 1

Text 1

Text 1



How to apply these codes and colors
Major hexadecimal color codes
Color Code Chart


To change the font color add the following source code:
<font color="#FF000">Making the text color red</font>

In addition with new browsers you now have the capability of changing the color by using the name such as:
<font color="red">Making the text color red</font>

Other ways to use these codes is within your BODY statement. This allows you to change the complete page:
<BODY TEXT="#000000" LINK="red" VLINK="blue" BGCOLOR="#ffffff" >

TEXT="000000" When used will display all text on page as black.
LINK="#1FOOFF" When used will change all links to red.
VLINK="blue" When used will change all viewed links to blue.
BGCOLOR="#ffffff" When used will display the page with a white background.




Black #000000 Black
Gray0 #150517 Gray0
Gray18 #250517 Gray18
Gray21 #2B1B17 Gray21
Gray23 #302217 Gray23
Gray24 #302226 Gray24
Gray25 #342826 Gray25
Gray26 #34282C Gray26
Gray27 #382D2C Gray27
Gray28 #3b3131 Gray28
Gray29 #3E3535 Gray29
Gray30 #413839 Gray30
Gray31 #41383C Gray31
Gray32 #463E3F Gray32
Gray34 #4A4344 Gray34
Gray35 #4C4646 Gray35
Gray36 #4E4848 Gray36
Gray37 #504A4B Gray37
Gray38 #544E4F Gray38
Gray39 #565051 Gray39
Gray40 #595454 Gray40
Gray41 #5C5858 Gray41
Gray42 #5F5A59 Gray42
Gray43 #625D5D Gray43
Gray44 #646060 Gray44
Gray45 #666362 Gray45
Gray46 #696565 Gray46
Gray47 #6D6968 Gray47
Gray48 #6E6A6B Gray48
Gray49 #726E6D Gray49
Gray50 #747170 Gray50
Gray #736F6E Gray
Slate Gray4 #616D7E Slate Gray4
Slate Gray #657383 Slate Gray
Light Steel Blue4 #646D7E Light Steel Blue4
Light Slate Gray #6D7B8D Light Slate Gray
Cadet Blue4 #4C787E Cadet Blue4
Dark Slate Gray4 #4C7D7E Dark Slate Gray4
Thistle4 #806D7E Thistle4
Medium Slate Blue #5E5A80 Medium Slate Blue
Medium Purple4 #4E387E Medium Purple4
Midnight Blue #151B54 Midnight Blue
Dark Slate Blue #2B3856 Dark Slate Blue
Dark Slate Gray #25383C Dark Slate Gray
Dim Gray #463E41 Dim Gray
Cornflower Blue #151B8D Cornflower Blue
Royal Blue4 #15317E Royal Blue4
Slate Blue4 #342D7E Slate Blue4
Royal Blue #2B60DE Royal Blue
Royal Blue1 #306EFF Royal Blue1
Royal Blue2 #2B65EC Royal Blue2
Royal Blue3 #2554C7 Royal Blue3
Deep Sky Blue #3BB9FF Deep Sky Blue
Deep Sky Blue2 #38ACEC Deep Sky Blue2
Slate Blue #3574EC7 Slate Blue
Deep Sky Blue3 #3090C7 Deep Sky Blue3
Deep Sky Blue4 #25587E Deep Sky Blue4
Dodger Blue #1589FF Dodger Blue
Dodger Blue2 #157DEC Dodger Blue2
Dodger Blue3 #1569C7 Dodger Blue3
Dodger Blue4 #153E7E Dodger Blue4
Steel Blue4 #2B547E Steel Blue4
Steel Blue #4863A0 Steel Blue
Slate Blue2 #6960EC Slate Blue2
Violet #8D38C9 Violet
Medium Purple3 #7A5DC7 Medium Purple3
Medium Purple #8467D7 Medium Purple
Medium Purple2 #9172EC Medium Purple2
Medium Purple1 #9E7BFF Medium Purple1
Light Steel Blue #728FCE Light Steel Blue
Steel Blue3 #488AC7 Steel Blue3
Steel Blue2 #56A5EC Steel Blue2
Steel Blue1 #5CB3FF Steel Blue1
Sky Blue3 #659EC7 Sky Blue3
Sky Blue4 #41627E Sky Blue4
Slate Blue #737CA1 Slate Blue
Slate Blue #737CA1 Slate Blue
Slate Gray3 #98AFC7 Slate Gray3
Violet Red #F6358A Violet Red
Violet Red1 #F6358A Violet Red1
Violet Red2 #E4317F Violet Red2
Deep Pink #F52887 Deep Pink
Deep Pink2 #E4287C Deep Pink2
Deep Pink3 #C12267 Deep Pink3
Deep Pink4 #7D053F Deep Pink4
Medium Violet Red #CA226B Medium Violet Red
Violet Red3 #C12869 Violet Red3
Firebrick #800517 Firebrick
Violet Red4 #7D0541 Violet Red4
Maroon4 #7D0552 Maroon4
Maroon #810541 Maroon
Maroon3 #C12283 Maroon3
Maroon2 #E3319D Maroon2
Maroon1 #F535AA Maroon1
Magenta #FF00FF Magenta
Magenta1 #F433FF Magenta1
Magenta2 #E238EC Magenta2
Magenta3 #C031C7 Magenta3
Medium Orchid #B048B5 Medium Orchid
Medium Orchid1 #D462FF Medium Orchid1
Medium Orchid2 #C45AEC Medium Orchid2
Medium Orchid3 #A74AC7 Medium Orchid3
Medium Orchid4 #6A287E Medium Orchid4
Purple #8E35EF Purple
Purple1 #893BFF Purple1
Purple2 #7F38EC Purple2
Purple3 #6C2DC7 Purple3
Purple4 #461B7E Purple4
Dark Orchid4 #571B7e Dark Orchid4
Dark Orchid #7D1B7E Dark Orchid
Dark Violet #842DCE Dark Violet
Dark Orchid3 #8B31C7 Dark Orchid3
Dark Orchid2 #A23BEC Dark Orchid2
Dark Orchid1 #B041FF Dark Orchid1
Plum4 #7E587E Plum4
Pale Violet Red #D16587 Pale Violet Red
Pale Violet Red1 #F778A1 Pale Violet Red1
Pale Violet Red2 #E56E94 Pale Violet Red2
Pale Violet Red3 #C25A7C Pale Violet Red3
Pale Violet Red4 #7E354D Pale Violet Red4
Plum #B93B8F Plum
Plum1 #F9B7FF Plum1
Plum2 #E6A9EC Plum2
Plum3 #C38EC7 Plum3
Thistle #D2B9D3 Thistle
Thistle3 #C6AEC7 Thistle3
Lavendar Blush2 #EBDDE2 Lavendar Blush2
Lavendar Blush3 #C8BBBE Lavendar Blush3
Thistle2 #E9CFEC Thistle2
Thistle1 #FCDFFF Thistle1
Lavendar #E3E4FA Lavendar
Lavendar Blush #FDEEF4 Lavendar Blush
Light Steel Blue1 #C6DEFF Light Steel Blue1
Light Blue #ADDFFF Light Blue
Light Blue1 #BDEDFF Light Blue1
Light Cyan #E0FFFF Light Cyan
Slate Gray1 #C2DFFF Slate Gray1
Slate Gray2 #B4CFEC Slate Gray2
Light Steel Blue2 #B7CEEC Light Steel Blue2
Turquoise1 #52F3FF Turquoise1
Cyan #00FFFF Cyan
Cyan1 #57FEFF Cyan1
Cyan2 #50EBEC Cyan2
Turquoise2 #4EE2EC Turquoise2
Medium Turquoise #48CCCD Medium Turquoise
Turquoise #43C6DB Turquoise
Dark Slate Gray1 #9AFEFF Dark Slate Gray1
Dark Slate Gray2 #8EEBEC Dark slate Gray2
Dark Slate Gray3 #78c7c7 Dark Slate Gray3
Cyan3 #46C7C7 Cyan3
Turquoise3 #43BFC7 Turquoise3
Cadet Blue3 #77BFC7 Cadet Blue3
Pale Turquoise3 #92C7C7 Pale Turquoise3
Light Blue2 #AFDCEC Light Blue2
Dark Turquoise #3B9C9C Dark Turquoise
Cyan4 #307D7E Cyan4
Light Sea Green #3EA99F Light Sea Green
Light Sky Blue #82CAFA Light Sky Blue
Light Sky Blue2 #A0CFEC Light Sky Blue2
Light Sky Blue3 #87AFC7 Light Sky Blue3
Sky Blue #82CAFF Sky Blue
Sky Blue2 #79BAEC Sky Blue2
Light Sky Blue4 #566D7E Light Sky Blue4
Sky Blue #6698FF Sky Blue
Light Slate Blue #736AFF Light Slate Blue
Light Cyan2 #CFECEC Light Cyan2
Light Cyan3 #AFC7C7 Light Cyan3
Light Cyan4 #717D7D Light Cyan4
Light Blue3 #95B9C7 Light Blue3
Light Blue4 #5E767E Light Blue4
Pale Turquoise4 #5E7D7E Pale Turquoise4
Dark Sea Green4 #617C58 Dark Sea Green4
Medium Aquamarine #348781 Medium Aquamarine
Medium Sea Green #306754 Medium Sea Green
Sea Green #4E8975 Sea Green
Dark Green #254117 Dark Green
Sea Green4 #387C44 Sea Green4
Forest Green #4E9258 Forest Green
Medium Forest Green #347235 Medium Forest Green
Spring Green4 #347C2C Spring Green4
Dark Olive Green4 #667C26 Dark Olive Green4
Chartreuse4 #437C17 Chartreuse4
Green4 #347C17 Green4
Medium Spring Green #348017 Medium Spring Green
Spring Green #4AA02C Spring Green
Lime Green #41A317 Lime Green
Spring Green #4AA02C Spring Green
Dark Sea Green #8BB381 Dark Sea Green
Dark Sea Green3 #99C68E Dark Sea Green3
Green3 #4CC417 Green3
Chartreuse3 #6CC417 Chartreuse3
Yellow Green #52D017 Yellow Green
Spring Green3 #4CC552 Spring Green3
Sea Green3 #54C571 Sea Green3
Spring Green2 #57E964 Spring Green2
Spring Green1 #5EFB6E Spring Green1
Sea Green2 #64E986 Sea Green2
Sea Green1 #6AFB92 Sea Green1
Dark Sea Green2 #B5EAAA Dark Sea Green2
Dark Sea Green1 #C3FDB8 Dark Sea Green1
Green #00FF00 Green
Lawn Green #87F717 Lawn Green
Green1 #5FFB17 Green1
Green2 #59E817 Green2
Chartreuse2 #7FE817 Chartreuse2
Chartreuse #8AFB17 Chartreuse
Green Yellow #B1FB17 Green Yellow
Dark Olive Green1 #CCFB5D Dark Olive Green1
Dark Olive Green2 #BCE954 Dark Olive Green2
Dark Olive Green3 #A0C544 Dark Olive Green3
Yellow #FFFF00 Yellow
Yellow1 #FFFC17 Yellow1
Khaki1 #FFF380 Khaki1
Khaki2 #EDE275 Khaki2
Goldenrod #EDDA74 Goldenrod
Gold2 #EAC117 Gold2
Gold1 #FDD017 Gold1
Goldenrod1 #FBB917 Goldenrod1
Goldenrod2 #E9AB17 Goldenrod2
Gold #D4A017 Gold
Gold3 #C7A317 Gold3
Goldenrod3 #C68E17 Goldenrod3
Dark Goldenrod #AF7817 Dark Goldenrod
Khaki #ADA96E Khaki
Khaki3 #C9BE62 Khaki3
Khaki4 #827839 Khaki4
Dark Goldenrod1 #FBB117 Dark Goldenrod1
Dark Goldenrod2 #E8A317 Dark Goldenrod2
Dark Goldenrod3 #C58917 Dark Goldenrod3
Sienna1 #F87431 Sienna1
Sienna2 #E66C2C Sienna2
Dark Orange #F88017 Dark Orange
Dark Orange1 #F87217 Dark Orange1
Dark Orange2 #E56717 Dark Orange2
Dark Orange3 #C35617 Dark Orange3
Sienna3 #C35817 Sienna3
Sienna #8A4117 Sienna
Sienna4 #7E3517 Sienna4
Indian Red4 #7E2217 Indian Red4
Dark Orange3 #7E3117 Dark Orange3
Salmon4 #7E3817 Salmon4
Dark Goldenrod4 #7F5217 Dark Goldenrod4
Gold4 #806517 Gold4
Goldenrod4 #805817 Goldenrod4
Light Salmon4 #7F462C Light Salmon4
Chocolate #C85A17 Chocolate
Coral3 #C34A2C Coral3
Coral2 #E55B3C Coral2
Coral #F76541 Coral
Dark Salmon #E18B6B Dark Salmon
Salmon1 #F88158 Pale Turquoise4
Salmon2 #E67451 Salmon2
Salmon3 #C36241 Salmon3
Light Salmon3 #C47451 Light Salmon3
Light Salmon2 #E78A61 Light Salmon2
Light Salmon #F9966B Light Salmon
Sandy Brown #EE9A4D Sandy Brown
Hot Pink #F660AB Hot Pink
Hot Pink1 #F665AB Hot Pink1
Hot Pink2 #E45E9D Hot Pink2
Hot Pink3 #C25283 Hot Pink3
Hot Pink4 #7D2252 Hot Pink4
Light Coral #E77471 Light Coral
Indian Red1 #F75D59 Indian Red1
Indian Red2 #E55451 Indian Red2
Indian Red3 #C24641 Indian Red3
Red #FF0000 Red
Red1 #F62217 Red1
Red2 #E41B17 Red2
Firebrick1 #F62817 Firebrick1
Firebrick2 #E42217 Firebrick2
Firebrick3 #C11B17 Firebrick3
Pink #FAAFBE Pink
Rosy Brown1 #FBBBB9 Rosy Brown1
Rosy Brown2 #E8ADAA Rosy Brown2
Pink2 #E7A1B0 Pink2
Light Pink #FAAFBA Light Pink
Light Pink1 #F9A7B0 Light Pink1
Light Pink2 #E799A3 Light Pink2
Pink3 #C48793 Pink3
Rosy Brown3 #C5908E Rosy Brown3
Rosy Brown #B38481 Rosy Brown
Light Pink3 #C48189 Light Pink3
Rosy Brown4 #7F5A58 Rosy Brown4
Light Pink4 #7F4E52 Light Pink4
Pink4 #7F525D Pink4
Lavendar Blush4 #817679 Lavendar Blush4
Light Goldenrod4 #817339 Light Goldenrod4
Lemon Chiffon4 #827B60 Lemon Chiffon4
Lemon Chiffon3 #C9C299 Lemon Chiffon3
Light Goldenrod3 #C8B560 Light Goldenrod3
Light Golden2 #ECD672 Light Golden2
Light Goldenrod #ECD872 Light Goldenrod
Light Goldenrod1 #FFE87C Light Goldenrod1
Lemon Chiffon2 #ECE5B6 Lemon Chiffon2
Lemon Chiffon #FFF8C6 Lemon Chiffon
Light Goldenrod Yellow #FAF8CC Light Goldenrod Yellow



> &lt; Less than sign.
< &gt; Greater than sign.
& &amp; ampersand.
" &quot; Double quote sign.
&cent; Cent sign.
&pound; Pound sterling.
&curren; General currency sign.
&yen; Yen sign.
&sect; Section sign.
&uml; Umlaut (dieresis).
&copy; Copyright.
&reg; Registered trademark.
&deg; Degree sign.
&middot; Middle Dot.
&frac14; Fraction one-fourth.
&frac12; Fraction one-half.
&frac34; Fraction three-fourths.
&iuml; Small, i, umlaut (dieresis).
&iexcl; Inverted exclamation mark.
&Aacute; Capital A, acute accent.
&Agrave; Capital A, grave accent.
&Acirc; Captital A, circumflex accent.
&Atilde; Capital A, tilde.
&Aring; Capital A, ring.
&Auml; Capital A, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&AElig; Capital AE dipthong (ligature).
&Ccedil; Captital C, cedilla.
&Eacute; Capital E, acute accent.
&Egrave; Capital E, grave accent.
&Ecirc; Capital E, circumflex accent.
&Euml; Capital E, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&Iacute Capital I, acute accent.
&Igrave; Capital I, grave accent.
k; &Icirck; Capital I, circumflex accent.
&Iuml; Capital I, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&ETH; Capital Eth, Icelandic.
&Ntilde; Capital N, tilde.
&Oacute; Capital O, acute accent.
&Ograve; Capital O, grave accent.
&Ocirc; Capital O, circumflex accent.
&Otilde; Capital O, tilde.
&Ouml; Capital O, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&Oslash; Capital O, Capital O, slash.
&Uacute; Capital U, acute accent.
&Ugrave; Capital U, grave accent.
&circ; Capital U, circumflex accent.
&Uuml; Capital U, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&Yacute; Capital Y, acute accent.
&THORN; Capital THORN, Icelandic.
&szlig; Small sharp s, German (sz ligature).
&aacute; Small a, acute accent.
&agrave; Small a, grave accent.
&acirc; Small a, circumflex accent.
&atilde; Small a, tilde.
&auml; Small a, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&aelig; Small a, dipthong (ligature).
&ccedil; Small a, cedilla.
&eacute; Small e, acute accent.
&egrave; Small e, grave accent.
&ecirc; Small e, circumflex accent.
&euml; Small e, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&iacute; Small i,acute accent.
&igrave; Small i, grave accent.
&icirc; Small i, circumflex accent.
&iuml; Small i,dieresis or umlaut mark.
&eth; Small eth, Icelandic.
&ntilde; Small n, tilde.
&oacute; Small o, acute accent.
&ograve; Small o, grave accent.
&ocirc; Small o, circumflex accent.
&otilde; Small o, tilde.
&ouml; Small o, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&oslash; Small o, slash.
&uacute; Small u, acute accent.
&ugrave; Small u, grave accent.
&ucirc; Small u, circumflex accent.
&uuml; Small u, dieresis or umlaut mark.
&yacute; Small y, acute accent
&thorn; Small thorn, Icelandic
&yuml; Small y, dieresis or umlaut mark.



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