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Configuring your NT server to accept remote connections, such as from mobile devices and other PPP capable devices.

Install Remote Access Service

Launch the Network applet in the control panel, click the services tab and choose add. Scroll down the list and choose Remote Access Service. Click ok and the service will install (you may be prompted for your NT CD so have it ready).

NOTE! Remember to reinstall any NT Service Packs after you install the Remote Access Service

Configure Modem

If you do not already have a modem connected to your server, remote access setup will prompt you now to install one. If you do not have the drivers for your modem, simply install it as a standard 28,800 modem (GSM currently only supports connections at 9,600)

Configure Port Usage

Click on Configure in the above dialog and ensure that your modem is configured for the type of access you require (for most purposes, Receive calls only will suffice)


Configure network protocols

Choose cancel OK in the previous dialog. This will return you to the dialog in step 2. Click on network. Ensure that TCP/IP is selected in the Server Settings section. Also ensure that the correct authentication type is selected (anything except Microsoft encrypted authentication will work here but unless you require encrypted authentication select the clear text option)

Configure DHCP

More than likely your client devices will not have their own IP addresses. In this case you will need to configure DHCP to dynamically assign each client an address as it logs in. Press the Configure button to the right of the TCP/IP check box to access the following dialog. If you do not require a fixed pool of IP addresses for each client then you can accept the defaults in this screen (after deciding whether you want to allow your client devices to access other machines on your network). If you want to use a fixed range of addresses then choose Use static address pool and define your address ranges.

Configure the remote access server

After the previous steps you will be required to reboot. Once done you can now configure the remote access server. Go to Start-Programs-Administrative Tools-Remote Access Admin. If the server is not started then start it (Server-Start remote access server). If it wasn’t started then you may wish to set it to start automatically on boot (Control Panel-Services-Remote Access Server-Startup-Automatic)

Once the Remote Access server is started you will need to add users with dial in permissions. If you have not already users whom you wish to grant dial-in permissions to, then you will need to add then through NT user manager.

Once your users are added you may grant them dial-in permission through Remote Access Admin. From the menu choose Users-Permissions. Select the user you are interested in and click on Grant dialin permission to user

You should now have a working remote access server.

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