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CJ1-Series, A new strategy in machine control



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Smart, seamless and sliceable

To stay competitive in the machine building industry you have to be flexible, efficient and fast. Omronís CJ1 series gives you this competitive edge. This new family of PLCs ranges from powerful CPU models that offer total machine control, to very small CPUs that enable you to modularise or Ďsliceí your machine into logical sections. You donít even need to consider where to slice the machine! Any I/O units can be mounted on any CPU, enabling you to distribute all the functions you need to wherever you need them. And no matter how complex your machine becomes, thereís always a CPU and a combination of I/Os to match your needs. Itís the ultimate in machine sliceability and scalability!

CJ1 Ė the best size/performance ratio in the business
When it comes to PLCs, Omronís reputation for quality, reliability and advanced technology is unsurpassed. The CJ1 series is no exception. With CJ1 you can mix and match CPU power, special function units, and an extensive range of standard I/O units to suit every machine automation need. With its credit-card size profile, CJ1 offers the best size/performance ratio in the industry. And without a separate back-plane, the mounting space required is never more than the units you install.

Fast and easy to configure
CJ1 modules connect together using reliable, high-quality locking connectors. This eliminates the need for a bulky PLC rack, and makes the CJ1 fast and easy to configure and install in control panels.

Intelligence built-in
The core of intelligence of your machine control system is the PLC CPU. The CJ1-series CPUs range from cost-effective units for simple sequence control, to ultra-fast high-capacity models handling up to 2560 I/O points. The main benefit to you is that any PLC module can be mounted on any CPU type. This reduces the number of different product families for which you have to keep modules in stock.

Seamless communication throughout
Built-in routing functions allow seamless communication over multiple network layers. Programming and data transfer are fully transparent through open networks like Ethernet, PROFIBUS-DP and DeviceNet, as well as OMRONís cost-effective proprietary networks. CJ1ís open communication units allow the PLCs to communicate to nearly any 3rd party device.

Control units
Specialised control units for motion control and temperature control take the load off the CPU tasks and allow for easy structured programming. And Omronís seamless communication allows fully distributed machine control, configurable through any access point in the network.

Analogue and digital I/O units
CJ1 I/O units, ranging from basic to ultra-compact high-density models, can be placed anywhere in the system, enabling you to distribute all the functions you need, to wherever you need them.

Omronís supporting software suite
Omronís CX-automation suite is designed to help you unleash the power and flexibility of the CJ1 series. With these software tools you can configure, program, commission, visualise and maintain all Omronís PLCs, and all using the same seamless communication. You simply choose the software tools you need now, and add other software components later.

Features and benefits at a glance

  • Wide range of compatible CPUs and I/O units
       -   One scaleable PLC family to match all your needs
  • High-speed CPUs with instruction times down to 20 nanoseconds
       -   Processing speed up to five times faster than typical CPU
  • Ultra-compact design
       -   90mm x 65mm Ė a profile slightly larger than a credit card
  • No need for a back-plane
       -   No restrictions on width, and is fast and easy to install and configure
  • Supports DeviceNet, CompoBus/S, PROFIBUS-DP, Ethernet, and Controller Link
       -   High-performance data exchange and programming using these network systems
  • A full suite of compatible software tools
       -   Omronís CX Automation suite supports the entire Omron PLC product line

    CJ1W-TS562 6 inngangers RTD PT100/PT1000 kort.

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