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Logitech Cordless MX Duo

Date: 23.07.2003


A few weeks back I did a review on the Belkin Wireless Keyboard and Mouse which was considered a “budget” package. Now a few weeks later we were lucky enough to be able to review in my opinion the “top of the line” wireless keyboard and mouse package on the market. The MX Duo provides you with the perfect wireless solution for people who use there computers a lot and are looking for a comfortable and effective keyboard and mouse package. With the package you get the award winning Logitech MX700 Mouse and the Cordless Elite Keyboard, all for $100. Is the package worth the hefty price tag or is this just one big gimmick?


>MX Optical Engine and Fast RF cordless technology deliver greater mouse accuracy and control on more surfaces than ever before
>Comfortable, contoured mouse shape fits snugly in right hand
>Ultra-flat, Zero-Degree Tilt keyboard design looks great and feels even better
>Customizable keys and mouse buttons let you control multimedia and give you fast access to applications and commands
>Convenient iNav wheel on keyboard delivers easier application and web navigation
>Windows and Macintosh compatible


When the box came to my door you could immediately see what the game was by seeing the large size Logitech symbol on the side of it. The package was nicely packed in side its box with plenty of protection. Once you get into the duo package things are firmly tied down to the point where it was tough getting everything out. The package comes with of course the mouse and the keyboard along with the receiver, batteries, and a comfortable wrist pad for the keyboard. Also in the package comes the installation disc that is full with drivers and software so you can get the full use out of your MX Duo Package. Here is a list of everything you get in this package.

•Logitech Cordless Elite keyboard
•Logitech Cordless MX 700 Optical Mouse
•Receiver/charging base
•AC power supply
•USB to PS/2 adapter
•2 AA NiMH rechargeable batteries
•2 AA alkaline batteries CD with software, comfort guidelines and User's Guide
•Quickstart Guide
•5-year limited hardware warranty


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Installing keyboards and mice are usually quite simple tasks, and I have found some people are nervous, that installing wireless components would be different. But in fact once you plug in the devices your computer will auto-recognize the hardware and you will be able to go through the installation. The installation is quite simple, by just going through a few windows the installation will be complete and you will be ready to use the software. One of the problems I encountered with the mouse was that the rechargeable batteries weren’t charged when I got them, therefore I had to let the mouse charge for a few hours before I could start using it.

The software provided to you by Logitech is a small yet powerful piece of software that is going to be quite useful for trying to get the full use out of your Duo. The software will continually run in your system tray keeping track of everything you would need kept track of. One of the more impressive features of the software is the ability to check the status of your batteries in the mouse, so you can see how much longer you can go until a recharge will be necessary. You will also be able to customize all of your shortcut buttons which will come in handy for quicker mobility around your Pc. The software is extremely straightforward so there won’t be any trouble getting it set up. Once you have it setup it will be running in the background of your computer, and you are now ready to begin using your MX Duo.


When you take a company such as Logitech who has several different models of keyboards and mouse and they combine there best keyboard and mouse into one package you know that it’s going to have to be good. Starting off I am going to discuss the Cordless Elite Keyboard. And when they say Elite, they are really not kidding with a total of 19 shortcut keys (not including the F Keys) you are talking about one nice keyboard.

To start with the keyboard is painted in a dark black color with some touches of grey on the shortcut keys. At first glance you will immediately see that Logitech was not joking when they made this keyboard because it looks fantastic. The one downside I had with the keyboard are at the top left/right side of the keyboard. There are little plastic sections that look great when they get out of the box but get dirty quite easily. This isn’t a major deal but I would think that it would have been better to just have done without the plastic.

Everyone has a different opinion on what makes a good keyboard, some people like the laptop quiet style keys and others like the type writer feel. Well the Elite Keyboard is right about in the middle with a soft feel but they aren’t very quiet. Personally I really like the feel of the keys this fits my personal preference for keyboards quite well, and I really enjoyed using this keyboard.

What really makes this keyboard an “Elite” are all the shortcut buttons. Like I mentioned there are 19 Shortcuts that isn’t including the F Keys. These shortcuts range from Multimedia Controls to Internet shortcuts. It does take some time to get used to for using the shortcut keys but in the long run they can really be a time saver. The range of the keyboard was very impressive I got great results from about ten feet and it gradually went down from there. Overall there is a reason they consider this an “elite” keyboard, because it really is elite.

Now onto the Logitech MX 700 a $69.95 item on it’s own that was extremely lowered in price to make this an affordable package. Logitech has put a lot of work onto the MX700 to make it really the best mouse on the market. Some of these features of the mouse include cruise control. The first thing I noticed when I got my hand on the mouse was that this mouse was only intended for right handed people. Being a left handed person I was quite disappointed that they would make the mouse a right side exclusive. It’s not that the mouse cannot be used with the left hand but it is made for the right hand. With that aside this has to be the most comfortable mouse on the market. On the left side of the mouse is a area that is creased in, to give comfort for your thumb. This is just one of those mousse that will impress you right from the get go. If the comfort doesn’t do it for you the look of it surely will. There is silver down the middle of the mouse and a nice dark blue down the sides. At first glance you can just see that this is one nice mouse.

I remember when we were happy just to have an optical mouse, now we have a wireless optical mouse with five shortcut keys. If you were wondering what cruise control was, it is instead of having to scroll down a page you can press an arrow button on your mouse to scroll up and down for you. Along with that feature comes an extremely handy two buttons which are the forward and back buttons for internet surfing. I found those two buttons to be the most useful shortcuts out of the whole package.

Like with the keyboard the mouse’s range was extremely impressive from about ten feet you can get basically perfect results, and after that you will find the quality will go in and out. Overall I was extremely impressed with the mouse, it was comfortable, easy to use, and very effective.

The receiver for the package not only takes in and processes the signals for the mouse and the keyboard, but it also is a charge station for the mouse. Provided to you in the package are rechargeable batteries and you can recharge them by putting the mouse in the receiver. The receiver is very effective with a few LED’s to show the different features you have on and off. The receiver also has a connect button so if you lose connection to either peripheral then you can just press connect on both the receiver and the peripheral and you will be back connected.

Being an avid Pc Gamer I did a lot of testing with this game. Some games I did test out the duo with was Battlefield 1942 and Counterstrike. I was really impressed because lately I have not been a fan of using wireless peripherals for gaming. But this duo surprised me with great response times and very minimal hiccups.


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When you put down the money to buy the MX Duo don’t be worried, because this has to be the best package deal out there. You are saving a good amount of money buying the two as a package. The Elite Keyboard combines great usability with an ample amount of features to choose from. And the MX 700 is probably the best mouse on the market today. Put the two together and you are given a great package that will last you quite some time. And this is why I award the duo the SubZeroTech Editor’s Choice Award. This is the best wireless keyboard and mouse package on the market, it’s really a must buy…

-Mouse is very comfortable.
-Excellent Keyboard Layout
-The Best Package on the Market

-Keyboard gets easily dirty
-Only for Right Handed People

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