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Which is fastest? Serial? Parallel? USB? Firewire? SCSI?

NOTE: 8 bits = 1 Byte, Kb = thousand bits, KB = thousand Bytes, Mb = Million bits, 1MB = Million Bytes.

    Serial: 115Kb/sec (0.115Mb/sec)
    Standard Parallel: 115KB/sec (0.115MB/sec)
    USB: 12Mb/sec (1.5MB/sec)
    ECP/EPP Parallel: 3MB/sec
    IDE: 3.3 to 16.7MB/sec
    SCSI-1: 5MB/sec
    SCSI-2 (Fast SCSI, Fast Narrow SCSI): 10MB/sec
    Fast Wide SCSI (Wide SCSI): 20MB/sec
    Ultra SCSI (SCSI-3, Fast-20, Ultra Narrow): 20MB/sec
    UltraIDE: 33MB/sec
    Wide Ultra SCSI (Fast Wide 20): 40MB/sec
    Ultra2 SCSI: 40MB/sec
    IEEE-1394 Firewire: 100 to 400Mb/sec (12.5 to 50MB/sec)
    Ultra ATA66 IDE: 66MB/sec
    Wide Ultra2 SCSI: 80MB/sec
    Ultra3 SCSI: 80MB/sec
    Wide Ultra3 SCSI: 160MB/sec
    FC-AL Fiber Channel: 100 to 400MB/sec

Maximum Cable Distances

Maximum USB Cable Distances

USB maximum cable distance is 16 feet. However, our part number UEX-16 can be used to connect USB devices up to 80 feet away! USB hubs also act as repeaters.

Maximum Firewire Cable Length

Maximum cable distance of 15 feet between devices. However, "powered" Firewire devices and repeaters will repeat a signal and allow you to extend another 15 feet. Our part UF111 can be used to connect Firewire devices up to 225 feet away!

Maximum Ethernet Cable Length (Cat 5 Network Cabling!)

Maximum cable distance of 330 feet (100m) between devices. However, the signal can be repeated by either an Ethernet hub or repeater, and this can be done 3 times.

Maximum S-Video Cable Length

This really depends on the quality of the cable. Standard s-video cable will usually work well up to 25 feet, but you will probably experience signal loss and picture degradation as you go beyond 25 feet (although you may not notice it). Longer lengths up to 100 feet require a better quality, heavier grade s-video cable. Lengths beyond 100 feet require a high quality cable or a dual cable solution (where two separate cables are used which rejoin at each end into an s-video connector. Two RG6 cables with BNC connectors at each end and our s-video/(2) BNC adapter is often used reliably up to 200 feet.

Maximum Parallel Printer Cable Length (Maintaining IEEE-1284 ECP/EPP Capabilities)

Maximum cable length is 31 feet.

Maximum Parallel Printer Cable Length (Not Maintaining IEEE-1284 ECP/EPP Capabilities)

The problem here is that the cable gets too heavy. Depending on the quality of the cable, parallel data can be transmitted somewhat reliably up to about 500 feet. This would be in SPP mode (Standard Parallel Port mode), not ECP or EPP mode.

Serial Cabling Maximum Length Chart (RS-232) (In an ideal environment, one without any electrical noise.)
Note: The maximum length specified by RS-232 is only 50 feet, however much longer lengths are possible with proper shielding on the cable.

Baud Rate Unshielded Cable Maximum Shielded Cable Maximum
110 3000 feet 5000 feet
300 3000 feet 5000 feet
1200 3000 feet 3000 feet
2400 500 feet 1000 feet
4800 250 feet 1000 feet
9600 250 feet 250 feet

PARALLEL OR SERIAL PORT? NOTE: 25-Pin FEMALE ports on a PC are PARALLEL ports, not SERIAL ports. Serial ports are almost always MALE ports.


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