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  • Having trouble getting some applications to work through ICS?

  • Need to map a port through ICS' firewall?

You need ICS Configuration!
  Version 1.5 is here!

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Welcome to our new ICS HowTo Center.  We've always had the best resource on the 'net (at least, that's what people tell us...) for helping you get Microsoft's Internet Connection Sharing (ICS) feature for Win98SE working.  Now we've added the same great walk-through for ICS-WinMe, including info on using its multi-network sharing feature.  Using Win2000 Pro?  No problem!  Use our Win2000 ICS walk-through!

What is ICS?

ICS is a NAT based routing application, designed to share an Internet connection among multiple computers connected via a LAN. (ICS is based on Nevod's NAT1000, which was purchased by Microsoft in 1999.)  ICS can handle both dial-up and broadband based Internet connections.

NOTE: ICS may not work with "unbundled" one-way cable modems or other "telco return" network devices.  See this Microsoft Article for more information.  You might have better luck using Sygate or Ositis' WinProxy (uninstall ICS first!)

Have a satellite broadband connection? See this page for instructions on setting up ICS for a DirecPC connection.

ICS can handle networks with clients (the computers on the LAN that share the Internet connection via ICS) running any operating system (OS), as long as the OS supports the TCP/IP protocol (which all do).  The clients can have their TCP/IP information assigned manually, or they can run as DHCP clients, obtaining their TCP/IP settings from ICS' built-in DHCP server (see this page for more info on DHCP).

ICS is not the fullest-featured sharing program out there.  It doesn't support logging, access controls, or many other features that you may find in other programs.  It does support "port mapping" or opening holes in its firewall, which is needed if you want to run a server on your LAN, or for many other applications, including on-line gaming.  However, ICS versions other than the Win2000 flavor don't make it easy to do this.

Tip: If you need to map ports through the ICS firewall, use Harley Acheson's ICS Configuration and the dozens of ready-made application mappings that we have for your downloading pleasure!
(Sorry, but ICS Configuration works only with ICS for Win98SE or WinMe.)

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