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To perform a complete download-only installation from the Internet:

1.  On the following Internet Explorer download page, click the appropriate
    explorer version to download the IeXsetup.exe file:


 For Internet Explorer 5.x this is Ie5setup.exe, for Internet Explorer 6.x
 is Ie6setup.exe.

2.  Click Save to Disk, and then save the file in a folder on your computer.

3.  Click Start, and then click Run.


4.  Click Browse, browse to the folder in which you saved the IeXsetup.exe
file, click
    the file, and then click Open.

5.  In the Open box, click at the end of the command, and then type:
    /c:"ie5wzd.exe /d /s:""#E""" (for ie5setup.exe, Internet Explorer 5.x)
    /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E""" (for ie6setup.exe, Internet Explorer 6.x)

 For example, if you saved the Ie6setup.exe file in the
 C:\Windows Update Setup Files folder, the command looks like:
 "C:\Windows Update Setup Files\ie6setup.exe" /c:"ie6wzd.exe /d /s:""#E"

6.  Press ENTER. Choose the appropriate items for the operating system.

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