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Toshiba Electric Appliances Enters "Ecocute" Business

Toshiba Electric Appliances Co., Ltd., Maebashi City, has entered into the "Ecocute" business. "Ecocute" is a heat pump hot water supplier using CO2 as natural refrigerant, launching 370 ltr high pressure type semi-auto HPE-FC370C which is capable of high efficiency operation (yearly average COP higher than 3.0).
In addition to the high efficiency operation mentioned above, the new model is capable of boiling water up to 90°C without supplementary heater due to adoption of CO2 as natural refrigerant. The heating capacity is 4.5 kW.
 The monthly average running cost has been drastically reduced to about \1,300.
By using only one hot water tank (370 ltr), the HPE-FC370C has realized space savings with the compact body (only 630 mm wide and 730 mm deep).
Being the semi-auto type, it can supply hot water into the bathtub at a desired temperature simply by pressing the remote control button. The subsequent hot water temperature can be also adjusted by the remote controller.
Starting with 1,000 units of sales this year, the company intends to raise the sales to 3,000 units in RY 2003.




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