Using Bluetooth Neighbourhood

  1. Before you start communicating with your Nokia 6310i via Bluetooth, you should select a device name for your PC. To name your PC, perform the following steps:
    • On the Bluetooth menu, click Bluetooth Neighborhood Properties
    • At the top of the dialog box, click the Settings tab
    • In the Bluetooth Device Name text box, type the device name you wish remote users to see. For example, "Adam"
    • Click OK

    Other Bluetooth devices will now see your PC as "Adam".You should also name your Nokia 6310i as a Bluetooth device. To do this, go to Bluetooth in the phone menu and select Bluetooth settings > My phone's name
  2. After you have named both your PC and your phone, your PC should discover other Bluetooth devices that are within range. This process is called Device Discovery. To run device discovery, click on Device Discovery from the Bluetooth drop-down menu.
  3. When device discovery has finished running, the list view will show which remote devices within range that are currently available. Also, you can see the previously discovered devices that are no longer available
    Note: The main window list view does not show your local device, only the discovered remote ones.
    If you want to use your Nokia 6310i with the PC Suite applications or as a Modem, you should connect your Nokia 6310i and PC using the services provided by DUN (Dial-up Networking). To do this:

DUN service

  1. Drag the local DUN service to the icon that represents your Nokia 6310i
  2. Wait until the Bluetooth Neighbourhood connects to your Nokia 6310i.
  3. If this is the first time that you have connected your PC, it will ask you to enter a pass code.
  4. After that accept pairing between the PC and your phone. Enter the same pass code on your phone as you entered on your PC.
  5. If the connection is unsuccessful try the following:
    • Check that Bluetooth is activated on your phone
    • Check that you are trying to connect to the correct device
    • Check that the distance between your phone and your PC is not more than 10 meters
    • Delete your device from the Bluetooth Neighbourhood (select device, click your right mouse button and select delete) and then run the Device Discovery again. After you have done this run through steps 1-4 again
  6. You can now start using your PC Suite 4.81 with your Nokia 6310i or your Nokia 6310i as a modem with a Bluetooth connection

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